About Peaceful Restaurant

Peaceful Restaurant first opened its doors to much fanfare in 1997. Owner and Master Chef, Charlie Huang, has been sharing his passion and talent in Chinese culinary arts for the past 30 years. Throughout the years, Peaceful Restaurant has received many accolades including Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” show on the Food Network, Chinese Restaurant Awards, Where to Dine Award, Georgia Straight, Vancouver Courier and Westender awards. Signature dim sum: Xiao-Long Bao Steamed Buns, Beef Rolls, Cumin Beef & Flatbread, and Pan Fried Dumplings. Signature dishes: Sichuan String Beans, Thousand Chili Chicken, Dan-Dan Noodles, Mu Shu Stir Fried Noodles and Cumin Lamb.

Peaceful Restaurant seeks to retain the distinctive character and charm of unique features in Northern China. Master Chef Huang, imbuing his personal touch, incorporates fresh new ideas into the menu offerings. His signature dishes emphasized the seven basic flavours that give Northern Chinese food that distinct boldness, namely – sour, pungent, hot, sweet, bitter, aromatic, and salty.

A key feature of Peaceful Restaurant is staying true to the philosophy of Northern Chinese cuisine; focusing on the quality of ingredients and its execution, while retaining its familiarity and authenticity. What awaits are bold, spice-heavy flavors and a rich culinary history that curious eaters must definitely try.


Northern Chinese cuisine is a unique fusion of flavors made possible by a rich history and interesting geography. Xi’an, an ancient Chinese capital, is the Northern and starting point of the Silk Road. The place was shaped and influenced by different cultures — Chinese and Middle Eastern — and it’s evident in the flavors: packed with spices and seasonings, rich sauces, and bold flavors.

Hand-pulled noodles and sliced “noodles” are also very common dishes in the North, served either stir-fried or in soups.

Yin and Yang
In Northern China, the concept of yin and yang imbue choice of food, combinations of ingredients, and timing and order of each dish prepared in Northern China. Yin and yang refer to an interplay between the dark, cool, soft and feminine form of energy with the white, hot, rough and masculine source of energy in the universe. In the cuisines of the North, the interaction of four major components share equal importance in the preparation of each dish: color, aroma, flavor and nutrition. Intertwined with these elements are the principles of yin and yang.

Parnter With Peaceful Restaurant | 寻找合作伙伴

Peaceful Restaurant already established its unique business model in the food industry, our business model is proven to be successful. We are actively looking for partners to expand our restaurant chains in North America. If you are interested in this parnter opportunity, please contact us. We offer training for our partners to set up their restaurant business under Peaceful Restaurant brand. We like to share our success with you.